Keep the Country Clean & Green

Keep the Country Clean & Green

Keep the Country Clean & Green


Every day, Earth becomes more and more polluted. Air pollution fills our lungs with deadly substances. Water pollution is rapidly eradicating what little freshwater we have left. Land pollution is causing once-fertile lands to become little more than deserts. While many solutions have been offered, NONE are successful. But there is hope! A REAL solution exists - Overlooked by environmentalists, government agencies and scientists!

Due to informal plastic waste dumping to open environment in Sri Lanka already we can see pollution in many areas like Air, Rivers, Draining systems in town, Sea and beaches, Plants, Wildlife, Fish, floods,...

Does anyone think how much waste you make? Every other Sri Lankan contributes around one tone of waste each year - a mixture of household garbage and industrial waste created by things we buy or use. It’s becoming more difficult, complicated and expensive to find a solution for our waste disposal, now it is a major issue for the government and the community.

Ban plastic productions also is not a practical solution so far in the world so if we used to separate our waste at home, then we can think about Composting, Re-using and Recycling and reducing waste dumping by up to 50 percent and even more. This is what we can do at this time..

We, VIRIDIS (PVT) LIMITED come at this point to care about the Environment. We want to help our community as our business is recycling.

The Company

VIRIDIS (PVT) LTD incorporated in 2005 under companies Act 2002, Registered with BOI & registered in Ministry of Industrial Development and Waste Management Authority – Western province. We have taken an Environment Protection License from Central Environment Authority.

Presently we are the leading plastic Recycler and PET Flake exporter in Sri Lanka and our head office & factory located in Templeburg Industrial Zone, Panagoda, Homagama. We are purchasing all kind of PET Bottles and other recyclable plastics from all over the country and paying maximum available price in the market.

Our Vision

To be the most successful and respected Leader in waste management industry in Sri Lanka by implementing, developing and maintenance of innovative and sustainable waste collection and recycling systems while upgrading the living conditions of society.

Our Mission

  • Introduce effective solid waste management and recycling solutions for total waste to protect Sri Lankan environment and surrounding ocean from plastic pollution.
  • Effectively use our assets, tools, systems, and personnel to offer sound and cost-effective solutions for waste management and to upgrade the living conditions of civil society.
  • Conducting public awareness program in schools government institutes universities regarding plastic pollution, importance of recycling of plastics and how to segregate waste at home.
  • To provide superior quality recycled raw materials at affordable value to manufactures and friendly services to our International & Local customers.
  • Make plastic items using recycled plastic materials at lowest price for local and international market.
  • To enhance value of the investment by making profits and re - invest the profits to provide many more facilities to our team of employees and owners to provide more strength for saving the environment